The 21st century is a new era that centers on scientific technology.
In order to meet the demands of the times, we, starting from Busan, need to lay a foundation for a new take-off by providing plentiful opportunities for youngsters, our future for science and giving preferential treatment to scientific technicians, the core of research and development.

Just in time for this, the government is also putting an emphasis on local renovation based on scientific technology according to the policy of balanced development of the nation. Moreover, it is vigorously pushing ahead "Science Korea" Campaign so that the entire nation can take scientific technology as part of their life.

The Federation of Busan Science and Technology, responding actively to these changes we are faced with, will take lead in spreading grass-root science culture so that Busan can accomplish a new take-off and all citizens can enjoy scientific technology as a culture.

I have no doubts that when such efforts are realized, not only Busan but also the entire southeastern region will thrive, accompanying national development. I ask for proactive participation and support from scientific technicians, other related organizations and institutions in Busan